The Difference between Alpaca Ruanas, Capes, and Ponchos?

As winter approaches, you need to wear warmer clothes to feel cozy and comfortable in the chilly weather.

We Alpaca is a brand that creates fine alpaca clothing manufactured with the highest quality of fibers; alpaca clothing is durable, warm, and genuine.

The brand provides stylish clothes that you can wear all winter long without worrying about current fashion trends because most of the designs have been inspired from the latest fashions.

We Alpaca believes in being environmentally friendly, so the process used to manufacture the fiber and clothes in Peru is kept under strict check. We Alpaca is committed to maintain its high-quality standards by providing you with a luxurious style of clothing that is sure to satisfy you.

Wrap up with Alpaca Ruanas, Capes and Ponchos!

Alpaca wool and the products made from it are some of the warmest garments on the planet. The alpacas themselves live in the high mountain valleys of the Andes, where they must contend with harsh winter conditions and sub-zero temperatures. Their lightweight, waterproof wool keeps them dry and cool in the warmer months, in addition to withstanding the bitter cold of winter. By wearing alpaca wool clothing, you can experience the ultra-soft, lightweight luxury of a product that helps stay warm, regardless of the season.

As fall turns to winter, we often need a bit more than a jacket or coat to stay warm in the brisk weather. For such an occasion, alpaca ruanas, capes, and ponchos make the perfect complement to your already bundled look.

Alpaca Outerwear Clothing for Men and Women

Alpaca fleece is warmer than cashmere and wool, so these clothes are sure to keep you cozy throughout the cold winter months and are classically designed to remain stylish through any season! Our hugely popular alpaca capes, ponchos, and ruanas are timelessly classic and stylish and sure to add a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

Browse our stylish ruanas, capes, and ponchos collection to find luxurious must-have pieces for your wardrobe. Made with natural fiber, these ruanas, capes, and ponchos are warm, comfortable, and timelessly stylish. Envelop yourself in soft, exquisite alpaca on those cold winter days for added warmth and style. Throw on an alpaca cape over a mini dress or with jeans and a sweater during a casual day out to add a touch of glamor to any outfit!

What are the Differences Between Alpaca Ponchos, Capes, and Ruanas?

There are trends that look good and stick around awhile, and then there are trends that simply become favorites. This has everything to do with how effortless and practical, said trend actually is. The poncho, ruana, or the cape sounds like a trend that should have burned out ages ago—but with new styles, fabrics, and ways to wear it—unsurprisingly and thankfully, it has not.

If you are looking for the perfect everyday—wear with anything piece—these pieces from We Alpaca is it. They are chic; they are elegant, and yet feels like you can sleep in them. That is the best feeling a woman can have. These alpaca capes, ruanas, and ponchos instantly upgrade any look. Wear with over the knee flat boots and leggings, or a muted tone pant and booties for a well put together look that took no effort at all.

Alpaca ruanas, capes, and ponchos are premium quality fibers. They all carry all of Alpaca’s general properties, including strength, durability, elasticity, smoothness, and beauty.

They are the ideal alternative to jackets and coats. Alpaca is one of the most luxurious and finest natural fibers in the world and is the perfect clothing material for winter days and cool summer evenings. They go well with every outfit and provides you a great deal of warmth.

So, what exactly are the differences between ruanas, capes, and ponchos?

What is an Alpaca Cape?

Alpaca capes are very similar to shawls or large scarves. They don’t have sleeves and are worn by throwing them over the shoulder.

Wearing an alpaca cape is like leaving home with your favorite blanket. A bit larger with more material, capes add to a layered look while offering a great deal of warmth. Alpaca capes have been making a comeback in fashion trends the last few years, and it’s a style that makes sense because they are practical in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions. Alpaca capes can even be worn in rainy or snowy weather like a coat because the fiber is so water-resistant.

Alpaca capes are the perfect way to layer during these last few winter months and stay warm on cooler spring evenings. This beautifully colored cape will surely brighten up the last of the gloomy days. Try with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a printed scarf for a seriously bohemian vibe a la Olsen twins, or dress it up over a simple little black dress and pearls and channel your inner Audrey.

This amazing item will be able to make another appearance next winter and the next and so on. You can attach an alpaca scarf to make this piece even more versatile than it is. Easily worn draped along your shoulder or fully wrapped over you entirely gives this piece the look of two different pieces. During the coldest of days, wrap over your outerwear for a different take on layering.

Opt for a stand out style in our must-have alpaca cape! The on-trend trapeze cut cape epitomizes this season’s most sought after outerwear look and balances out the figure perfectly. In a luxuriously weighted alpaca’s wool knit, you can simply throw this style on over your ensemble to keep out the cold and make an instant style statement.

What is an Alpaca Poncho?

In contrast, a poncho, to a cape, has an opening for the head, and it also has no sleeves. Ponchos are a trendy garment and originally from South America. They are similar to the capes because they are too worn over the neck and are also sleeveless.

Alpaca ponchos are relatively similar to alpaca ruanas, except they are shorter and do not have the slit. Lightweight and perfect for the spring, you can start wearing this sheer poncho now by layering it under an oversized scarf of a similar lightweight fabric. Try it with a black midi skirt and menswear loafers for a casual work look, or with cuff jeans and leather, slip-ons for a great weekend uniform.

Who says ponchos and capes are just for the fall and winter season? While we are still suffering—I mean, dealing with the colder winter months—it is never too soon to start looking forward to the nicer weather that comes along with summer. This style is the perfect seasonal transition piece. Wear with ivory skinny jeans in the spring with flats or with denim cut-offs, and low wedges in the summer.

For many of us in North America, the word poncho brings up fond memories of those nylon rain ponchos our parents would bring out when we were camping or playing soccer.

In reality, the poncho has a much richer history. It began deep in the Andes thousands of years ago. The first poncho might even have been crafted from Alpaca fibers and worn by royalty. At its most basic, the poncho is a sheet of material with an opening in the middle for the head.

What is an Alpaca Ruana?

Do you ever feel like you need to wrap yourself in alpaca love? We understand. Sometimes you just need a little comfort–a caress of color that drapes you in a light haze of baby alpaca softness.

The alpaca ruana is a wrap designed to keep you comfortable on chilly days when you simply need a warm touch of soft coziness. Knit from alpaca fleeces, the ruana gives you the softness of silky alpaca in a gorgeous pattern.

The alpaca ruanas are a version of the ponchos, originating in the cold highlands in the Andes. Ruanas are thick and sleeveless and are occasionally marketed as a blanket poncho. They have the same large rectangular or square fabric. Ruanas have a head hole and a slit from the head hole down the front to the edge instead of an opening for the head.

Alpaca ruanas are soft and warmer pieces than the alpaca ponchos and capes. These are great as transitional pieces of clothes when you need slightly more warmth.

Need a wrap to accompany your favorite sleeveless dress? What about having the perfect ruana to keep you cozy? Alpaca ruana is the perfect accent to not only keep you looking great but also to provide you with soft warmth.

Adding an alpaca ruana is the sure way to keep warm through the New Year!

We Alpaca also imports fair-trade Andean items including insolesscarveshatsgloves, sweaters, and more from Peru and Ecuador, offering the style and culture of South American goods while helping the farmers, artists, and craftsmen of that region.