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History of the Alpaca

Early Beginnings South American Indians have been raising alpacas and using their fleece for creating cloth for thousands of years. A close relative of the llama, vicuñas, and even camels, alpacas are hearty animals inhabiting the Andes mountains of the South American continent. The ancient tribes of Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia found alpaca wool […]

Alpaca Fleece: Nature’s Best Wool

If you didn’t already know, alpacas are South American camelids that look like adorable crosses between little llamas and a sheep. Domesticated for thousands of years, these unique creatures are bred specifically for their prized woolen coats. Alpaca fiber is as a soft as cashmere and, in many cases, even more comfortable. It is warmer, […]

Glossary: A Guide to Alpaca Terminology

So, you’re interested in alpaca and all of the wonderful items that can be made from their amazing fleece!  We don’t blame you. Nothing beats alpaca  when it comes to comfort, softness, warmth and water-resistance!  Alpaca fiber is one of nature’s most luxurious options for incredible wool scarves, gloves, sweaters, blankets hats, socks and much […]

Merino Sheep’s Wool vs. Alpaca Fleece

At a time when there are so many synthetic materials everywhere, it can be easy to forget how incredible natural really is. This is true for so many reasons—environmental and sustainability included!  Alpaca fiber is just one of the many options for anyone looking for soft, comfy, warm, durable garments that will last! Here are […]