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Charming Alpaca Hats – The Best Holiday Gifts This Season

The chilly winds of the winter signal it’s time for a topper. You cannot ignore the style potential of what you choose to adorn; after all, it is the exclamation point to your outfit. Protect yourself from the cold winds hitting your ears and biting your skin with beautiful warm hats this season that draw […]

The Difference between Alpaca Ruanas, Capes, and Ponchos?

As winter approaches, you need to wear warmer clothes to feel cozy and comfortable in the chilly weather. We Alpaca is a brand that creates fine alpaca clothing manufactured with the highest quality of fibers; alpaca clothing is durable, warm, and genuine. The brand provides stylish clothes that you can wear all winter long without […]

Cold Feet? Discover Alpaca Insoles

Alpaca insoles are built to ease foot ailments like arch pain, flat feet, and foot pressure. It’s important choosing the right alpaca boot insoles for hunting and outdoor activities. Most everyday shoes come with insoles but with not much support. So take your time and get ready to feel comfortable like you’ve never felt before. […]

How is Alpaca Clothing Created? What Does the Process Look Like?

Alpaca could have been created especially as the perfect fiber producer for minimal environmental impact. These South American camelids were never domesticated to the same extent as sheep, so they retain a greater degree of natural hardiness and disease resistance. Unlike sheep, they require little or no regular treatment with pesticides, as they are much […]

Preserving Your Alpaca Items: Tips for Care

It doesn’t take much to maintain the quality and softness of your alpaca items. Follow these simple steps and your alpaca garment will actually get better with age. Alpaca Knitwear We recommend handwashing your knitwear in cool/lukewarm water using a mild detergent or baby shampoo. Rinse by pressing. Do not wring the garment. Wrap garment […]