ZigZag Alpaca Scarf


For him or her

Made from sustainable alpaca wool, this magnificent scarf is soft, silky, and luxurious, but also comfy warm, and likely to last for quite a few seasons. Its subtle print on neutral beige, blue or red works together to create the perfect mix of the contemporary and classic, refined and playful.

The ZigZag Alpaca Scarf is edged with fringe detail for textural contrast and a stylish twist. Drape it long or tuck it in: this Alpaca scarf is perfect for brightening up your look. This is a unisex item.

The ZigZag Alpaca Scarf makes a stylish fashion accessory for any outfit! The unisex style makes it a must have for dressing up or dressing down for the fashionable man or woman. Fits you in so many ways and gorgeously comfortable in 100% baby alpaca!

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