Ribbed Alpaca Scarf


For the love of your touch

Isn’t texture wonderful? It recognizes the human need to touch and interact. Texture can help you look more approachable. Use this Ribbed Alpaca Scarf if you want to say, ‘I am tough on the outside but warm and soft once you get to know me.’

This wonderful scarf showcases the softness of alpaca wool like no other. Wear this scarf in different ways for a new look every day. Add a fashion faithful to your collection!

The Ribbed Alpaca Scarf features an open knit pattern to showcase some of the softest alpaca available. The lofty ribbed knit design makes the scarf very fluffy, it’s as cozy as it is warm while not being too heavy.

With the length to wrap and style as you please, this scarf can be worn many different ways for multiple looks. We are confident this addition to our product offerings will become an instant classic.

Grown and made in the USA.

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