Accent Alpaca Shawls


Let us count the ways…

Here are a few things we love about alpaca fleece: It is durable, elastic, non-flammable, and super silky. In addition, alpaca fiber has 22 different official colors and was perfect for crafting these Accent Alpaca Shawls.

You’ll find that the most notable quality of the garment is its softness. Even at its thickest, it is still softer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca fiber also has thermal properties, allowing it to handle temperature changes with ease.

Flatter yourself with this beautifully brushed Accent Alpaca Shawl – it is a pleasing, all-season accent piece to brighten your wardrobe.

Wonderfully warm and beautifully brushed Accent Alpaca Shawls.

A timeless piece, these alpaca shawls offer amazing softness and breathable warmth while flattering your look with a simple yet versatile alpaca product!

A perfect gift item for weddings and other gift giving occasions. A pleasing all season accent piece.

Luxurious to the touch but very durable, these Accent Alpaca Shawls will be your go-to item for both a comfortable casual daily item as well as a flattering accent for special occasions.

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