Preserving Your Alpaca Items: Tips for Care

It doesn’t take much to maintain the quality and softness of your alpaca items. Follow these simple steps and your alpaca garment will actually get better with age.

Alpaca Knitwear

  • We recommend handwashing your knitwear in cool/lukewarm water using a mild detergent or baby shampoo.
  • Rinse by pressing.
  • Do not wring the garment.
  • Wrap garment in a clean dry towel to help absorb any excess water.
  • Re-shape if necessary and then lay flat on a towel to dry naturally.
  • Never tumble dry.
  • To avoid stretching, do not hang garments to dry.
  • Note: Alpaca socks can be washed on a 30-degree cycle, but never tumble dried.

Alpaca Fur Products

  • Gently brush the fur using a baby hairbrush or wire brush to restore fluffiness.
  • To lift residue or spills, gently rub talcum powder into the fur and shake or brush off.
  • Alpaca fur products can also be dry cleaned.


  • When not in use, keep your alpaca garments folded or rolled in a sealed, yet breathable bag stored in a cool place.
  • To avoid stretching, do not store your knitwear on hangers.