Cold Feet? Discover Alpaca Insoles

Alpaca insoles are built to ease foot ailments like arch pain, flat feet, and foot pressure. It’s important choosing the right alpaca boot insoles for hunting and outdoor activities. Most everyday shoes come with insoles but with not much support. So take your time and get ready to feel comfortable like you’ve never felt before.

Alpaca insoles have excellent insulating properties, is naturally water-resistant, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Perfect for hunting and outdoor activities or everyday wear. Alpaca boot insoles optimize cushioning and stability for every step you take outside your home.

The Benefits of Alpaca Boot Insoles for Hunting and Outdoor Activities

Insole makers are targeting hunters, and outdoor adventurers with products made just for their particular needs.

For outdoor adventurers looking for a better comfort and warmth from their insoles, the latest alpaca inserts are a welcome development. While insoles for hunting aren’t new, they are experiencing a surge in popularity, as more people discover they can find products made with the unique characteristics of their feet–and bodies–in mind.

Though each company’s approach is a bit different, We Alpaca have released alpaca insoles lines in the last two years. As a result, this year, We Alpaca came out with the alpaca boot insoles, aimed for hunting and outdoor activities.

With an insole that fits better, consumers benefit in multiple ways. You get to extend the life of the shoe, and it’s more comfortable. More products with alpaca insoles are on the drawing board as the company’s alpaca specific clothing continues to grow.

Hunters and outdoor adventurers have an added option this season for regulating foot temperature and ensuring the fit of outdoor activities. The models carried by We Alpaca are designed to be worn with hunting and outdoor boots. The alpaca boot insoles provide support, shock absorption, warmth, and comfort to help hunters and outdoor adventurers improve their performance. Made of high-quality functional alpaca wool, the insoles offer maximum forefoot flexion. Insoles are available in women’s sizes 5 to 10 and men’s sizes 8 to 13.

Premium Alpaca Insoles

If you haven’t read the boot fitter story yet, then you have yet to realize how important a proper-fitting boot insole. And a good start to comfort and performance on the slopes is a good footbed. We Alpaca have been leading the consumer insoles market for years now, and the insoles come in the natural colors of alpaca fiber. Offering tons of support for maximum performance, and comfort, these footbeds also feature materials to keep your feet warm. Just because you spent $850 on a new pair of boots doesn’t mean you got a decent footbed (in fact, you didn’t). What’s $18 more? Your feet will thank you. Now, go get those boots insoles at

Without Alpaca Insoles

The feet begin to collapse, increasing movement inside the shoe. Uneven terrain increases stress on feet, ankles, and knees, causing fatigue and discomfort. While ascending or descending, excess foot movement causes pain, blisters, and hot spots.

With Alpaca Insoles

Feet are supported and stabilized, improving balance and reducing stress and fatigue. Excess motion, muscle strain, blisters, and hotspots can be reduced by the improved fit.

Cold Feet? Alpaca Insoles for Cold Feet

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean cold feet! Keep your feet warm and supported this winter with our alpaca boot insoles. Special wool insoles in the top cover help regulate the temperature inside your shoes or boots. Your feet will stay “just right”–not too hot, not too cold–all day long. Alpaca boot insoles are perfect for ski boots, snow, and work boots, as well as hunting and fishing boots. And with their wider-cut forefoot, they fit perfectly into snowboard boots. They make great stocking stuffers for too! Check ’em out.

Whether you are working or playing outdoors, alpaca insoles will keep your feet warm and comfortable. These affordable insoles provide the total heel to toe support that creates maximum balance and shock absorption.

The Advantages Are Clear

Alpaca boot insoles keep your feet more comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you create too much and releasing it when you need it most.

Wider shape on the insole. This insures that the insole will fit all types of winter boots. This includes ski, snowboard, telemark, nordic, and winter work boots or shoes.

Our exclusive shape and design. This means your feet will be comfortable and protected all day in whatever activity you choose to do.

Fits quickly and easily into boots. Simply trim and install for that personalized fit.

What Makes Alpaca Insoles so Special?


Buying wool insoles supports raising alpaca for their fleece rather than food. Every year a new fleece grows on the alpaca’s back and may be removed without harming the animal.

Environmental Sustainability

Using alpaca wool products supports local farmers worldwide, particularly those letting their alpaca graze on pesticide-free pastures. Alpaca wool is a sustainable resource. Most alpaca wool is produced organically. The processing of alpaca wool requires minimal environmental impact when compared to some other natural fibers.


Alpaca fibers are smooth and feel soft on the skin. Alpaca fibers are lanolin-free, making them hypoallergenic. Every single strand of alpaca fiber has a hollow core in the center. This enhances the thermal insulation of the fabric, providing insulation from cool as well as warm temperatures.


When subjected to flames, alpaca wool most likely smolders and extinguishes itself. Alpaca wool has the highest natural fire resistance of all commonly encountered textile fibers. It is soft to the touch; its natural sheen is exceptionally lustrous, it hangs very well, maintenance does not change over time, it absorbs very little environmental humidity. It is not flammable (the fibers do not burn if not in direct contact with fire.)

Regulates Temperature

The alpaca fiber has extremely good thermal properties as the core of the fiber is hollow. It can provide warmth in the cold season, and at the same time stay breathable and comfortable in other seasons. Outdoorsmen and sports enthusiasts value the fabric for its warmth while still maintaining a lighter weight than other wools.

Does Not Itch

Alpaca fibers do not cause an itch. Many people who are sensitive to woolen apparel are pleasantly surprised to find alpaca garments very comfortable on their skin. Alpaca fibers are a luxurious and durable fiber that has seen a huge growth in popularity over the past few years as people searched for alternatives to itchy wool or pricey cashmere.


With its naturally water repellent and anti-inflammatory qualities, Alpaca fiber is not damaged easily, making it a durable material for the creation of clothing. In general, wools of all varieties are moisture-wicking, water-resistant, heat retentive, lustrous, elastic, easily spun, and can be dyed. They also can be blended with other fibers, both natural and synthetic.

Ultralight Insulator

The presence of microscopic air pockets makes this fiber very warm, providing it with natural insulation properties. Alpaca wool is an excellent insulator and has one of the highest insulation to weight ratios of any natural or man-made fiber. With natural thermal properties and its light-weight texture, Alpaca fiber is considered to be an ideal choice for travelers.


Quality, durability, luxury – what more do you need to know? Alpaca is the ultimate fiber for softness, warmth, and long-lasting style! Alpaca fiber is resistant to everyday wear and tear, creases, and wrinkles, and thus, is a long lasting and strong fiber that can create high-quality clothing and accessories.


The best part about Alpaca products is that they are naturally available in a variety of colors, ranging from black and white to all the shades of brown and grey in between. Thus, no matter what color scheme you want to match, you can be sure that Alpaca insoles will look superb.

Alpaca Insoles for Boots

We take great pride in making our alpaca foot warmers by creating durable, dense shoe inserts.

Alpaca fiber and construction! More fiber and better construction make a better product.

Our alpaca boot insoles are not simply felted like many foot warmers. The fiber is spun, knit, and then felted, making an incredibly durable fabric — it can be cut and will not unravel. That means more 100% alpaca fiber under your foot.

As alpaca owners, our suppliers adore the animals, believe in the benefits of the fiber, and hope to support the industry.

Alpaca Boot Insoles:

  • Give extra warmth to winter boots – Use these warm boot insoles to make your older winter boots warm again.
  • Make winter walks warmer – Placing alpaca insoles in your tennis shoes will warm up your walks.
  • Keep feet warm hiking – Put them in your hiking boots and have warm feet during your whole trip.
  • Make old slippers new again – These natural foot warmers rejuvenate old slippers where the sole is wearing out.
  • Turn summer Crocs into winter Crocs – Have warm Crocs with alpaca insoles.
  • Have warm feet in the garden – Alpaca insoles are fantastic in your wellies.

Wool insoles are really warm. These warm shoe inserts are all-natural and incredibly warm.

A full winter of warm feet for only $18.

Alpaca boot insoles are easy to fit too. They come in full sizes, but if you wear a half size, just get a size larger and trim them to fit. Any sharp pair of scissors will cut the warm shoe inserts. There’s no need to stitch the new edge. Alpaca insoles won’t fray.

These alpaca boot insoles are made to keep your feet warm, whether you’re hiking, walking, or just walking in the parks. Warm feet make every activity better. Do you want warm feet while hunting? Just slip a pair of alpaca insoles into your hunting boots. How about around the house? These insoles work great in all kinds of shoes, plus Crocs and slippers. Do your winter boots need a little extra oomph? Alpaca boot insoles will do it. So have warm feet hiking, hunting, around the house, or just about anywhere with warm alpaca insoles.