Charming Alpaca Hats – The Best Holiday Gifts This Season

The chilly winds of the winter signal it’s time for a topper. You cannot ignore the style potential of what you choose to adorn; after all, it is the exclamation point to your outfit. Protect yourself from the cold winds hitting your ears and biting your skin with beautiful warm hats this season that draw out your elite sense of style. Bring in the alpaca hats that are a perfect match for your winter’s attire. These thoughtful winter hats are made from the finest fibers that exist and come with beautiful stitches, edgy designs, and both bold and natural colors to accent any wardrobe.

Alpaca was treasured by the ancient Incan empire of South America, and its fleece was considered to be a royal fabric. Over the centuries, the people in the Andes Mountains of South America cherished the docile alpaca creatures and believed them to be a gift from ‘Pachmana’ or the Earth Mother. It is from that time that the alpaca’s fleece was used to make hats, sweaters, scarves, and other clothing accessories. The Incans would separate alpacas according to their color and characteristics and engaged in selective breeding due to their obsession with fine cloth and its trade.

Alpacas extremely luxurious feel and incredible properties make it one of the finest and deluxe fibers that exist. We Alpaca brings brilliantly designed alpaca hats with natural softness and extraordinary warmth. This Peruvian hat is preferred over hats made from lamb’s wool because the alpaca fabric is warmer, stronger, and finer than the latter. With an Andean hat, you can never feel any itchiness similar to what you may feel when you put on other woolen hats.

The soft and silky feel of the alpaca hat makes it perfect as a great winter gift to your loved ones. The best part is that since the alpaca fiber comes in 22 natural colors, you can enjoy this winter hat in any color ranging from true black to pure white, along with rose-gray, maroon, and every kind of fawn and brown.

At We Alpaca, we bring you naturally hypo-allergenic and soft alpaca hats that would keep you and your loved ones incredibly warm this winter. What was once reserved for loyalty is now available to those who are looking for a fabric that is softer than Cashmere and luxurious than silk. Get your favorite from our premium range of alpaca hats and alpaca beanie hats today!