Best Gift Ideas: The Luxury of Alpaca Blankets and Throws

Thinking of doing some interior décor for the winter? Have you decided that your home is just too bare and empty to give the warmth and comfort of a cozy home on chilly winter nights? Then decorate it with the softest and warmest of all throws, the alpaca throws!

Alpacas are wooly mammals that resemble Llamas. Although smaller than a llama, alpacas have hair that is softer and warmer than that of a llama. As a result, these creatures are bred for their wool-like fiber that can be highly durable and water-resistant as well.

Today, alpaca fiber is being used to create fashion accessories, and aside from alpaca throws, blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, etc., have become very common indeed. Sweaters, coats, and alpaca blankets are available in the market to keep you warm throughout the winter seasons!

Decorating your home with a soft wool alpaca throw will give it the cozy look of a beloved home, where you can snuggle into a sofa throw while watching television. You can even spread an alpaca throw onto your bed to keep it warm and give your bedroom a touch of luxury and elegance.

Alpaca throws also make amazing gifts for your friends and family. Has your sister recently bought a new home? Trying to figure out what to gift her for her upcoming ‘house-warming’ party? Give her a wool alpaca throw that she can use to keep her ‘house warm’–literally!

With natural thermal properties and its light-weight texture, alpaca fiber is considered to be an ideal choice for travelers. So if you’re going for a vacation to a winter wonderland, take an alpaca throw with you so that you can stay warm wherever you may go.

If you have trouble sleeping at night during the winter, bring home an alpaca blanket that you can snuggle into to give your body a well-deserved rest that is filled with warmth. Alpaca fiber is also known as one of the most luxurious fibers in the world, so if you want to add a little luxury to your lifestyle, opt for fashion apparel made from alpaca fiber.

The best part about alpaca products is that they are naturally available in a variety of colors, ranging from black and white to all the shades of brown and grey in between. Thus, no matter what color scheme you want to match, you can be sure that alpaca sofa throws will look superb in your home.

We Alpaca brings you the best quality of winter products that you can find! Made with 100% baby alpaca fiber, the alpaca throws and blankets offered by this online boutique will give you true worth for your money! They also provide you with the finest and trendiest apparel for the winter, ranging from knitted ponchos and capes and ruanas to hats and more!

So stay warm this winter and give your home a cozier feel so that you can truly share the warmth of the holiday season with your loved ones!

Alpaca Blankets & Throws – Wrap Up in Silky Soft Warmth

Alpaca fleece wool blankets are the ultimate in natural fiber comfort. We Alpaca is pleased to offer a selection of luxury alpaca blankets and throws blended in 80% alpaca fiber and 20% acrylic. The warmth combined with the perfect amount of weight and unbelievable silky softness is what goes into our alpaca blankets. Made in the indigenous town of Otovalo in Ecuador by alpaca fleece production specialists, all our alpaca fleece blankets and alpaca throws bring quality, style, comfort, and color to your home.

We are pleased to offer three styles:

  • Alpaca Bed Blanket (Measures: 70″ x 90″, can fit on beds up to queen-sized mattresses (60 x 80″).
  • Alpaca Baby Blanket (Dimensions: 38″ x 31″).
  • Buffalo Chex Alpaca Bed Blanket or Alpaca Throw (Measures: Blanket 70″ x 94″ can fit on beds up to Queen sized mattresses (60 x 80″); Throw 69″ x 58″.

Colors vary for each of these styles.

Yes, you can put these blankets in your washing machine on delicate, in cold water. Do not even think about using your dryer. Simply drape your blanket over a rack and allow it to air dry. Or, go ahead and dry clean.

Wrapping up in an alpaca blanket just feels good. Perfect for snuggling in on a sofa or as a bed cover, you can be assured of staying cozy and warm. These blankets make excellent, tasteful gifts for weddings, holidays, and anniversaries. Or, order one for yourself so you can enjoy the comfort of alpaca wool.

The Luxury of Alpaca Blankets and Throws

The luxury throws and blankets are made of alpaca wool. Our premium baby alpaca is one of the finest fibers in the world today. Try it on! These beautiful blankets and throws will keep you warm and cozy for many years to come.

This luxurious alpaca throw will keep warm and cozy all year round. They are woven in premium alpaca, one of the finest fibers in the world. These throws are so incredibly soft you may drift off into a slumber once you’ve wrapped yourself in it. Use the throws in a living or family room for warmth while watching a movie or drape them over your bed for added insulation on cold nights. They are sure to complement any home decor and add a touch of stylish comfort! Great for traveling, this striking alpaca throw offers cozy warmth and comfort without the weight. Looking for a gift? Look no further! We Alpaca ultra-soft throws and blankets just make the perfect gift!

Shop We Alpaca for home décor that’s both beautiful and unique. Nature-made to be durable and last for years to come, our alpaca wool blankets and throws add interest and warmth to your home. Our collection features designs that will complement a variety of room styles.

About Alpaca

Alpacas are usually called the “Gold of the Andes” because their exceptional fiber is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most luxurious fibers. The resilient fiber is not only strong but is incredibly soft, warm, light-weight, and durable. It is excellent for travel as it is comfortable, water-resistant, and retains its shape without stretching.

  • Alpaca contains microscopic air pockets that provide excellent thermal insulation making it amazingly warm.
  • Alpaca fiber is so strong and durable that the resulting apparel is long-lasting and wear-resistant.
  • Alpaca is lighter in weight than any other wool.
  • Alpaca’s natural colors range from white to black with up to 22 shades of gray or brown in between.
  • Alpaca is much more resistant to wrinkles and traction than other wools.
  • Alpaca has great water absorption qualities.

Caring for your alpaca clothing is easy: knitted garments (e.g., sweaters, ponchos, gloves, and hats) can be hand washed or dry cleaned. We recommend dry cleaning for woven alpaca garments such as coats, capes, and throws.

Directions for Washing Alpaca Clothing By Hand

If washing by hand:

  • Gently hand wash in cool water with a mild soap.
  • Never use chlorine bleach.
  • Gently press to remove excess water.
  • Do not wring or twist. Handle gently to avoid wrinkles and distortion.
  • Dry flat.
  • Block to dry (reshape to original dimensions while drying).
  • Smooth by hand while wet to remove wrinkles and straighten the seams and facings.
  • Touch up with a cool iron (lowest temperature setting) if needed.

We Alpaca invites you to experience the natural luxury of fine alpaca clothing. Find the perfectly warm alpaca sweater and choose the ultimate alpaca scarf. Looking for stunning outerwear? Shop our beautiful alpaca capes and ruanas. Need a lovely gift? Grab a versatile alpaca shawl or a cute set of alpaca hats and gloves. And, don’t forget to try our super soft alpaca throws. We Alpaca makes it easy to experience alpaca’s natural softness and extraordinary warmth. Just look through our fabulous collection of premium alpaca clothing and accessories!